Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well New Year's Day has come and gone again. I hate to make resolutions because I rarely keep the,m. I am hoping this year will be different. Of course, I will be making the standard lose weight goal, but am making several much deeper ones.
  • Last year, I submitted to God's calling to attend Seminary. This will be the year I begin this journey. I pray that God will give me the perseverance to excel and give it my best. I really feel He is drawing me towards missions. Not only trips, but all aspects of missions. God has commissioned us all to get His word out to all peoples in the world.
  • My work with the teenagers at my church is also changing. I felt led to start a Girl's Ministry for youth girls. It never really kicked off due to my starting school for the first time in 20 years and most of the girls in it are also in the band. With football over now, it seems like a perfect time to start. I would like to start off with encouraging them to decide to submit to pure living in every aspect of their life and end this with a trip to the local Pregnancy Crisis Center.
  • I really want God to use me any was He wishes this year, but especially as a better Godly wife and Mother to my 3 beautiful children!

I have a dear friend that is currently in the Ukraine and will receive custody of her 2 new adopted sons tomorrow! I pray that everything will run smoothly for her and that Satan will be kept at bay.

After having one of the worst headaches I have EVER had today, I am calling it a night!

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